Pre-Construction Process

Scope of Work

  • What Improvements do you want complete? – Kitchen Remodel, Bath Remodel, Master Suite, Whole House Remodel, Doors and/or Windows etc.
  • What Style do you want for your improvements? – Traditional, Contemporary, Transitional, etc.
  • What materials do you want for your improvements? – Cabinets, countertops, tile, flooring, lighting, etc.  What materials do you like and dislike?

Establish Budget

  • Determine the amount of money you want to spend on your improvements.
  • Determine how you are going to finance the project.


  • Collaborate with an Architect or The Construction Guy (TCG) on your desired project. 
  • TCG can reference you to an Architect or we can design your project with you.  TCG works best with clients that know what materials/finish they want to use. TCG then develop plans for permit.  This is a cost-effective way of design, which can include savings from 25% – 50 %.
  • Select final material for the project – cabinets, countertops, electrical items, plumbing items, etc.

Construction Process

Design Review

  • Review Drawings with Architect and Engineers
  • Review drawing with Subcontractors

Agreement/Project Start

  • A detailed proposal is provided based on final plans.  This may include allowances for materials not yet selected.
  • After all material pricing and subcontractor bids are collected; TCG prepares a scope of work, construction schedule, payment schedule and contract.
  • The contract is signed.
  • TCG submits the final plans to the city for a permit.
  • Once the city issues the permit, TCG confirms the schedule, payment timeline and start date with the client.


  • Works starts on the date agreed to with the owner
  • We keep disturbances to a minimum with cleanliness, timeliness and detail minded work

Change Orders

  • Costs approved by client prior to start of work


  • Closeout meeting with client        

Certificate of Completion

  • TCG and client take final walk-thru; any detail that needs to be taken care of is handled immediately.
  • Once all items are complete, client signed Certificate of Completion

One Year Warranty Begins

Post Construction

TCG stands by our product.  At project completion, we will give you a consolidation packet including all warranties, maintenance and care information for items installed during the project.  More importantly, we value your relationship.  TCG will be there for you for any problems or new projects that may arise in the future.